Puma X COOGI Clyde Collab

Puma X COOGI Clyde Collab

We are proud to launch the Puma Clyde and COOGI Australia collaboration.  Two classics in perfect complement.  COOGI sweaters are famed for their vibrant colors and intricate knits. Referenced in lyrics and worn by music legends, they made waves in the '80s and '90s when they hit the American hip-hop scene. Today, PUMA x COOGI pays homage to that golden age of hip-hop with all-new executions of the classic Clyde, decked out in the iconic COOGI knit.  The iconic COOGI OG sweater covers the body; Versace shades inspire the black form stripe; a gold Rolly is evoked in the 18 carat gold lace tips and eyelets.  No two shoes in this collection are the same; each has its own unique pattern and its own unique swagger.

To quote High Snobiety:

You’ll be hard pressed to find a sneaker that has been worked on more times than Nike’s iconic Air Force 1. This of course makes it sometimes difficult for the legendary silhouette to stand out. What we have here, however, is one such rendition that will no doubt turn heads.  


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Chris Zehner,



You sent me an email for the puma exclusive. How do I order them out why let me. Help Please

Kent Booth,

Please send me you catalogue on all your men’s wear. Thank you

Robert Foxx,

Can’t wait to rock these

Robert Sanchez jr,

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