KITH Is Bringing Back Coogi

KITH Is Bringing Back Coogi
COMPLEX, November 5, 2014, By Joshua Espinoza.  

KITH is delivering the nostalgia this month as it announced it would be leading the revival of theiconic 1990s brand Coogi.

Though launched in 1969, the brand spent decades under the radar until The Notorious B.I.G.rocked one of its sweaters on a cover of The Source. Soon after, the vibrant threads becamehighly covetable within the hip-hop community, but eventually lost relevancy as we entered the new millennium.

In an attempt to recapture those glory days, Coogi decided to relaunch the brand earlier this year after noticing several celebrities—including Drake and A$AP Mob members—donning throwback sweaters inspired by Coogi’s most recognizable designs. And now, KITH is lending a hand in the revival by becoming the exclusive retailer of the brand from here on out.

Though the price of the clothing is still unknown, we see KITH is retaining the luxe vibe of the 1990s sweaters, with an emphasis on oversize fits, bright colors, and a lot of texture. The collection also incorporates several updates to the designs with modern detailing like elbow patches, leather paneling, toggle closures, and contemporary prints like desert camo.

The range will be available this Saturday at KITH locations, including its newest flagship shop that houses a slew of other brands, such as Off-White, Stampd, and Norse Projects.

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